Dr. Ahamad Shaikh

dr ahamadDr. AHAMAD M.H. Shaikh passed out his M.Sc. degree in chemistry with first class from mumbai university, he completed his Ph.D. degree in applied chemistry from U.D.C.T. (now I.C.T) Mumbai University. He has been awarded D.Sc. (doctor of science) degree by international board of directors in 1994 at Colombo. He developed a novel concept of making diamagnetic materials paramagnetic by coating with magnetic surfactants for the first time in the field of research. He has published his research papers in journals of international repute in Canada, Amsterdam, Great Britain, and U.S.A., Thailand etc. he has participated in many international conferences in the capacity of chair person of various scientific sessions in India and abroad. He has taught and written books for junior college, Degree College, I.I.T. (J.E.E), A.I.E.E.E. and P.M.T. under U.G.C. award winner S.Chand publication. He has given more than ten thousand lectures in all the branches of chemistry in various states of India and abroad.

At present he is head of chemistry department in Maharashtra College Mumbai University and on the editorial board of research journal of chemistry and environment. He is fellow/ life member of many research journals of international repute such as research journal of chemistry and environment, Indian association of nuclear chemists and allied scientists, B.A.R.C. Indian association of radiation protection, B.A.R.C. (INDIA), Asian and Mid-east institute of chemists (A.M.I.C.). A division of American institute of chemists (A.I.C.) U.S.A. He is alumna of U.D.C.T. (now I.C.T.) MUMBAI, INDIA.

  1. He has been offered post doctoral fellow at codex France (1992).
  2. He got an appreciation award at 4th international congress of chemistry and environment at UBONARATCHATHANI, Thailand(Jan. 2010). He was honored prominent author for medicine and engineering entrance chemistry books, appeared in publisher monthly as “meet our author”(march 2006).
  3. For his meritorious services, outstanding performance and remarkable role. He has been awarded Rashtriya Gaurav award with certificate of excellence by Dr. Bhishma Narain Singh former governor of Tamilnadu and Assam at New Delhi on 4th may 2012, under India international friendship society.
  4. Nominated for Bharat Shiksha award and gold medal by friendship forum New Delhi India (December 2012).
  5. He has been rated as the leading scientists of the world in 2013 by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England.
  6.  He has been named in 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of 21st Century with a medal of intellect by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England March 2013.
  7. He has been offered an “Honorary Doctor of letters” by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge England 2013.
  8. Dr. Ahamad M.H. Shaikh is a Qari, Alim and Fazil. A dynamic shift from chemical research to Islamic research that is from doctor of science to doctor of soul with the grace of Allah (S.W.T) and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.S), he has given hundreds of lectures on comparative religion and Quran and modern science in India and abroad. His lectures are followed by question and answer sessions in order to remove the misconceptions of the people. He can be seen on Deen-e-islamic channel.  He is 48 years old.
  9. Nominated for “Glory of India Award” at friendship banquet in Bangkok, Thailand on 19th June 2013 by India international friendship society.
  10. Nominated for “Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award” in new Delhi on 24th August 2013 by India International Friendship Society.

:Educational qualification:

  • M.Sc in chemistry, 1st class Mumbai University in 1987.
  • Ph.D. U.D.C.T. (ICT) Mumbai university 1992.
  • D.Sc. Awarded by International Board of Directors at Colombo 1994.

:Islamic qualification:

  • Darul Uloom Mohammadia, Mumbai (India).

:Title of Ph.D. thesis:

  • Waste Water treatment and high gradient magnetic separation of minerals by Selective and enhancement of magnetic properties by seeding and coating of the surface.

:Research publications:

  • More than eight research papers of international repute.

*Post Doctoral research*

  • Awarded at Nancy codex France – 1992.

:Seminar and conference:

  • Presented research papers at international conference in Florida U.S.A., Ontario, Canada;. Indore India., Sikkim India.
  • Appointed as an chairman for the second international conference of Science and environment at Indore India.

Written books:

  • For junior college, degree college, PMT, IIT and AIEEE.

Visiting faculty:

  • Taught chemistry almost all over India for graduate, post graduate, PMT, IIT
  • And AIEEE with more than ten thousands lectures.

Research guide:

  • Recognised research guide in chemistry for M.Sc and Ph.D. students (Mumbai University) India.
  • The field of interest is surfactants in solution and Herbal medicines.

Research journal:

  • He is on the “EDITORIAL BOARD” of research journal of chemistry and environment of an international repute.
  • Fellow member/life member of various research journals of International Repute.