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The Islamic vision research centre (I.V.R.C) at Mumbai India is a registered non profit public charitable trust. It has been established in august 2009.

The main focus of I.V.R.C is to spread the message of peace and harmony for the upliftement of human values, social ethics, and to strengthen the frame work of humanity on the foot steps of the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) the role model of entire mankind.

The mode of work is to promote Islamic Da’wah with wisdom and beautiful preaching to present Islam with understanding and appreciation along with clarifying the misconception regarding the preaching of Islam amongst ignorant Muslim and non Muslim through the use of modern technologies like satellite channels, internet and print media.

I.V.R.C propagates the excellence and truth of Islamic teachings on the foundation of glorious Quran and the saying (ahadith) of beloved prophet (peace be upon him) as a foundation with a blend of the scriptures of others religions, established scientific facts, logic and reasoning.

I.V.R.C has its own website. Our ‘d’aees interact with the people from different faiths. They make them realise the truth of Islam by removing the bias and myths about Islam. We organise public talks with the open question answer sessions, conference, symposia and debates.

We also regencies counselling sessions for school and college students with specials refence to medicine(P.M.T) and engineering (I.I.T.J.E.E and AIEEE) for career upliftment, moral values and overall personality development. We have library with large collection of books and scientific journals on different religions, science and technology.

The main point of attraction is our Islamic literature with quranic translations in different languages plus the books of hadith and fiqhim Arabic, English and Urdu along with huge collection of books on various topics in all the faculties by eminent authors in the world.

Our publication is also in processing insha Allah they will be very soon in your hands. We have ladies and children wing also.

May Allah the almighty bestow his blessings and mercy on every one of us and protect us from troubles and calamities natural or otherwise, amen.