About Us


The vision of Islamic Vision Research Centre

  • Reformation of the moral and spiritual affair of ummah through da’wah and propagation of true Islamic teachings.
  • Promotion and renaissance of Islam.
  • Revival of Islamic sciences.
  • Restoration of universal brotherhood and peace.

Insha Allah the goal could be achieved through:

By submitting to the will of Allah (S.W.T).

  • Worship and devotion.
  • Fear and Ardent love.
  • Obedience.

Ardent love for the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

  • Following the Sunnah (way of living) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
  • Obedience to and follower-ship of the Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).
  • Observance of polite manner and submissiveness.
  • The honour and respect of Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) and his descendants.
  • Supporting the Deen of the Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him) and his descendants.

Love for the Book of Allah (S.W.T) i.e. Glorious Quran.

  • Recitation of Glorious Quran with fear and love.
  • Meditating and contemplating the Glorious Quran.
  • Following the commands and injunction of the Glorious Quran.
  • Preaching the commands and injunction of the Glorious Quran.

Earnest desire for the knowledge.

  • Appreciation, promotion and publication of knowledge.
  • Honouring and practicing knowledge.
  • Striving for modern disciplines of science and technology.
  • Setting up learning centres.
  • Awakening, Awareness and Cognizance.

Universal Brotherhood and Fraternity.

  • Protecting and safeguarding human rights.
  • Moral beauty.
  • Love and forbearance.
  • Mutual understanding and co-operation.
  • Eschewing sectarianism.

Al-Quran the final revaluation of Allah (S.W.T) is the only way of life through which one can get the path of peace, progress, prosperity and welfare. No doubt it is the secret of success both in this world and in the Hereafter.

Decide whether you too want to walk the right path, the path of peace, tolerance, progressiveness, modernity, socio-economics justice, equality, love, tolerance and truth to prevail internally in yourself as well as externally between people of all races, nationalities and cultures. If yes and surely it should be yes, then join hands with us in this noble deed.

Dr. Ahamad Mohammad Hanif Shaikh has given more than ten thousand lectures in all branches of chemistry in various parts of India and abroad in 25years of his illustritious career. He has given hundred of public talks in India and abroad on different topics touching Islam and its teachings, comparative religion and Quran and modern science.

Note; you may call Dr.Ahamad M.H.Shaikh for a public talk at any time at any place with prior intimation, Insha Allah you will find Dr. Ahamad M.H.Shaikh wherever you call for the sake of Allah(S.W.T) and his beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallahu Alaihi-W-Sallam.

May almighty Allah (S.W.T) guide us and humble work and give us strength to work for his noble Deen (Aameen).